Wei Shen AIK

Group Leader

Wei Shen Aik is Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. He then received his doctoral training in chemical biology at Prof. Christopher Schofield's laboratory at the University of Oxford. After his D.Phil. studies at Oxford, Wei Shen did his postdoctoral research in Structural Biology with Professor Liang Tong at Columbia University in the United States. As group leader, Wei Shen aspires to combine structural biology and chemical biology to design new solution for human health problems. During his free time, Wei Shen likes to read history.

Yi Min NG

Research Assistant

My name is Yi Min. I became interested in cell signalling, structural biology, drug discovery, and bioinformatics when I was studying for my BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences and MRes Cancer at Newcastle University, UK. To-date, I have worked on a few research projects from different areas of biomedical sciences which include microbiology, cell biology, and structural biology-guided drug discovery.
Outside the lab, depending on time and condition, I enjoy doing a range of activities. Some days, I enjoy staying in and indulge myself in the world of music, poems, and crime and mystery stories. Other days, I enjoy being “out in the wild” and simply appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature.
My hope is that one day, I will be able to integrate all the skills that I have acquired to contribute to the advancement of biomedical research. I also hope to be able to communicate science with a wider audience as well as to inspire future generation of students to stay curious and to pursue their interests.

Simranjeet KAUR

PhD Student

I was brought up in Delhi where I did my undergraduate degree in Chemistry. I moved to New Zealand in 2018 to pursue my Research Masters from the University of Auckland. For my Master’s project, I worked on an enzyme ACC oxidase, understanding its conformational dynamics upon ligand binding. That is when I realized my inclination lies towards Structural Biology. My current project focuses on structure-based drug discovery of RNA modifying enzymes associated with cancer development. I’m interested in designing small-molecule inhibitors for these enzymes by studying the structural aspects of the enzymes.

Samson Nuo Yan TAN

MPhil Student

I am an undergraduate student at Hong Kong Baptist University, majoring in Chemistry. I like science because I truly think that scientific research can improve the quality of life of people in the future. My Final Year Project focuses on inhibition studies of cancer-associated RNA modifying enzymes. I did not have much experience in biochemical studies before I joined the Aik Lab. However, I like challenges and learning. By learning research skills in biochemistry, I hope to contribute to improving people’s health and lives.


Undergraduate Researchers

Kam Mei SIU

Pui Hang SHUM

Hing Pan NG

Chun Kit Jacky CHAN

Yingqi LAI



Venus Yi Lok FAN

Undergraduate Research Student

09/19 - 06/20


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