Research Areas

FTO-inhibitor structures.001.jpeg

Structure-Guided Inhibitor Design on RNA Modifying Proteins

We determine structures of protein-inhibitor complexes using X-ray crystallography to guide development of anti-cancer and anti-viral compounds. We focus primarily on DNA or RNA binding proteins, which play important roles in gene regulation and disease development.

ALKBH5 model.001.jpeg

Structural Biology of Protein-RNA Complexes

We are intrigued by how proteins regulate genes on the RNA transcript level, especially through post-transcriptional modifications. In this area of research, we investigate how molecular machines that modify RNA using structural biology techniques such as protein crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy. We are also interested in investigating how viruses modify RNA.


Macromolecular Assembly Engineering

We are also exploring the use of macromolecules as drug delivery agents. We take advantage of structural biology and biophysical techniques to guide our design.