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PhD Student Position

Applications are invited for a PhD student position in the laboratory of Dr. Aik, Wei Shen at the Department of Chemistry, Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). The position is a full- time PhD Student position with a fully-funded studentship (starting from September 2020), subjected to university admissions requirements.

The Aik Lab is part of the Research Cluster for Health and Drug Discovery at HKBU. We seek to be an innovative and interdisciplinary research team focusing on designing molecules for novel therapies. We combine chemistry, biochemistry and structural techniques such as macromolecular X-ray crystallography to achieve our goals. Current areas of research interests include structure-based drug discovery on RNA modifying enzymes that are associated with cancer and viral infection, structural studies of protein-RNA complexes, and drug delivery agents.

We now seek highly motivated individuals to join us. Candidates who are interested in learning a wide range of techniques and adopt interdisciplinary and innovative thinking are most suited to join the team. Applicants should minimum have a Bachelor degree, preferably in fields related to chemistry, biochemistry or biotechnology.

Successful candidates will conduct research in structure-based inhibition studies of RNA modifying enzymes and structural biology of protein-RNA complexes, and thus are expected to have some experience in:

1)  Molecular cloning, DNA manipulation (e.g. PCR)

2)  Protein expression and purification

3)  Biochemical assays (LC-MS/MALDI-MS/fluorescence-based assay)

Candidates with experience in structural biology such as protein X-ray crystallography are preferred.

Please contact Dr. Aik Wei Shen by e-mail with attached curriculum vitae (CV) for enquiries:


Funding can be obtained via studentship provided by the lab or external scholarships/fellowships such as the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship or the Belt and Road Scholarship.

 Please contact Dr. Aik Wei Shen by enclosing your CV for enquiries:


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